To determine the corrective equipment needed in your home or Hardness, Iron, PH and TDS, onsite testing is available.Water Testing

There are four water testing packages we recommend to those testing their water for the first time. The choice will depend on your situation. We are delighted to discuss the choice with you prior to finalizing which test to order.

Basic Scan

The Basic Scan tests for most common bacterial contamination. Choose this test if you need a basic scan looking for only Coliform of Fecal e.Coli bacteria.

Comprehensive Scan

The Comprehensive Scan is typically used for mortgage transactions and where the situation is does not indicate a significant industrial or agricultural source of contamination. We typically recommend our Comprehensive Scan for clients who are testing their water for the first time.

Health Scan

The Health Scan is designed for people that have health issues such as gastrointestinal problems and believe there may be a microorganism in their water causing it.

Environmental Scans

The “Environmental Scan” or “Advanced Environmental Health Scan” are indicated for wells that may be near old dumps, industrial or agricultural sources of contamination.

If you feel you have a specialized need or if you’re not sure which test you might need, please contact us to discuss.

Water testing results are typically ready to be faxed, emailed and/or mailed in two business days from receipt at the lab.