Ultraviolet (UV) Lights

Sterilight®  Ultraviolet (UV) Systems

Sterilight UV systems are used in many applications including residential, light industrial/commercial, and in many public water systems. Sterillight UV systems are available in wide variety of flow capacities and feature sets. All Sterilight UV systems offer many features for a very competitive price.

The Sterilight Silver Series is ideally suited for point of use water treatment to kill bacteria (including coliform and e-coli), viruses, cryptosporidium, giardia, and a wide range of other microbiological contaminants. The larger Silver Series models, specifically the S5Q-PA, S8Q-PA, and S12Q-PA, can also be used for whole house applications where an economical unit with an average array of features is required. Given its economical price, the Silver Series is a popular choice for homeowners desiring protection against microbiological contaminants as a precautionary prophylactic treatment measure even though their water has not tested positive for bacteria or other pathogen.

Sterilight UV sterilizers use germicidal-spectrum ultraviolet light to effectively kill bacteria, viruses, and many other waterborne microorganisms that cause illness, including cryptosporidium and giardia. Like all UV sterilizers, Sterilight purifiers are a highly effective, reasonably priced, and low maintenance approach to deal with harmful pathogens in your water without the need to use potentially harmful chemicals like chlorine.

What is the cost of operating a UV disinfection system?

The Sterilight system uses about as much electrical energy as a 40watt light bulb.

How long does an ultraviolet (UV) lamp last?

The UV output of the UV lamp decreases slowly with age and has a useful life of 9000 hours (one year). Beyond 9000 hours the lamp output starts degrade rapidly and disinfection performance will be suspect. UV Sterilight’s disinfection units are designed to provide the specified dose at the end of the useful lamp life.

Ultraviolet whole house water sterilizers are exploding in popularity due to their low maintenance requirements, ease of operation, economical purchase price and operating cost. Even municipal water can no longer be assumed to be safe with boil water advisories becoming more frequent.